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Leadership immunity from scrutiny: How to stifle culture growth in one easy lesson…..

During a very busy six months working with large and small organisations on a variety of projects you know what has been the constant?

No matter the size, industry or intention, those groups who fail to consistently make their leaders accountable struggle to build workplace culture.

Research really clearly shows a relationship between:

Clear leadership accountability at all organisational levels = Greater trust = Higher levels of employee engagement

Equally, the flag continues to wave madly when senior leaders and exec are allowed to slip and slide out of taking part in any performance improving self-reflection and self-development.

Whilst employee experience and lower level leadership programs can certainly be helpful tactically in improving employee engagement, whole organisation change won’t be sustained unless concrete, practical buy in occurs from the very top down.


How do we change often entrenched non-accountability at this level?

I’m not saying it is easy – I’ve been there believe me….

  • The concept of becoming more accountable has to be turned on its head to become a benefit that will acutely address a particular pain point for those involved.

  • Demonstrating that pain point principle requires well honed skills from fellow leaders and/or senior HR in both negotiation and communication.

  • Those execs/senior leaders who do get it…understand the organisational benefits that their own increased accountability can bring, should be proactively nurtured as key sponsors and vocal exponents in order to influence positive change among their colleagues.

  • Concepts of regularly openly discussing and learning from failure throughout the organisation should be introduced and enabled widely


And finally…

Courage…yep…someone has to call it…Be brave enough to start the conversation, to build the foundations of inclusion in the capability matrix at this level, create processes to make accountability happen and importantly, be prepared to continue to drive the point home…….until the right person listens.

Is that someone you?

Need a hand building leadership capability or with your own professional development? Interested in designing and implementing a culture building program at your workplace?

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