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Take the reins of your work and life direction….

There will be a lot of ra-ra, set your goals, write your plans reminders as we head into a new working year. Some of us will enter 2020 raring to go and others not so sure what the year will bring… I want to remind you though that you own the journey of your life and work through the mindset that you choose to adopt.

“Your mind is a flexible mirror, adjust it, to see a better world.” Amit Ray Late last year on a dusty outback road, I had a great a-ha work learning moment chatting to the driver taking me from the mine site where I'd run some leadership work. He had worked remotely, fifo for nearly 10 years. I asked him about his work and how he managed the very challenging conditions. “I have good habits in place at work and when I get back home" he said. I was inspired by his commitment. He described what we know but often don’t enable….. Simple, relevant steps that collectively impact our well-being whether a corporate CEO or working a loader:

  • Think about how work can contribute to your overall life goals. Set achievable plans around those aims.

  • Seek positive social connections at work for support and companionship. Avoid energy sappers and look for people who uplift and enhance your work experience.

  • Contemplate from time to time if or what and where you want to be next. Identify the experience, exposure and education you require to move forward.

  • Take advantage of all the development that is available at your workplace. Learn continually.

  • Positive personal routines make for better mental and physical health and ultimately a happier work and life. Commit to respecting your health and wellbeing.

We are at work for a great deal of our life. Whilst work shouldn’t become our life, we really deserve to enjoy it. Seek to flourish. If you or your team require some development to really thrive at work, contact me at: Happy New Year. Have an amazing 2020!!

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