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"Lexie gave us the tools to set our goals in place, just what the team needed." Conference Attendee 2019

"We delved in and found out about each other, then worked well to get a good picture of where we want to be. Great day! very positive" Conference Attendee 2019

“ … I was fortunate enough to have Lexie as a boss & mentor. This was my first Recruiting role after graduating from my post-grad in HR and Lexie took the time to assist with hands on training as well as helping me define my career goals. …... I can't say enough positive things about Lexie, both professionally and personally…” Wendy Young, Clarity LLC

"Lexie chaired the HR Summit in Melbourne and Perth this year and was a warm, friendly, approachable facilitator. She ensured the event ran to time and asked each speaker insightful questions to enhance their presentations. Lexie also provided succinct summaries of each presentation from the day to ensure all attendees understood the key points from the day." Jane Maloney, Associate Event Manager, Key Media

"Outstanding. So engaging, lively, thought provoking, knowledgeable and rockstar charisma. An inspirational leader to women" Conference Attendee HR Summit 2018

 "Lexie is a fantastic facilitator - engaged, knowledgeable and highly approachable" .Conference Attendee HR Summit 2018 

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