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If I had a dollar for every time I've heard this I'd be mega wealthy...

We do a culture survey every year and it's then up to each department to make any changes needed.”

Mmmm...Who owns the workplace culture in this instance?

Yes, certainly in organizations culture is everyone’s responsibility to live and breathe. ...but there always a need to be a driving point - the axle turning the wheel.

And that axle is the leadership group.

When leaders: -

  • truly understand the significance of making positive workplace culture an ongoing reality

  • live the associated values and behaviors ...

the wheels of change will start to turn and momentum will happen.


Having been a leader in large and small organisations I do understand that there are a million other priorities - especially at this time of year; but letting culture development and employee engagement initiatives fall off the radar isn't smart business thinking.

Significantly, research in 2016 by CLSA in Australia showed the share price of “culturally sound companies” outperformed the broader market. This is supported by a number of other international studies and surveys as well.

It is therefore imperative that organisations ensure that optimising workplace culture becomes a major kpi.

Ongoing leadership development in the following areas:

  • Communication and collaboration

  • Values and behaviours

  • Employee engagement drivers

...can really make all the difference

Why waste a whole lot of money each year on employee feedback surveys unless followed by proper sustained action?

If you would like to further develop your talent and leaders to better engage employees and drive culture, contact Lexie at I can personalise or complement an existing program to assist you to create and sustain a performance driven workplace.

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