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The suggestions your team generate can be gold....

Don’t be scared to ask your team if there is a better way

Recent research from The Harvard Business review has shown that employees are more engaged and motivated in the workplace when they feel that their opinions are heard and that they can speak freely. (2016 HBR)

The more we encourage open communication therefore, the happier employees are. And as we know (or I bang on about all the time!!!) happier workplaces = better productivity, happier customers and better business outcomes.

So why are employees silenced sometimes?

According to an article in the Annual Review of Organisational Psychology and Organisational Behaviour, many leaders assume that silence means that staff are happy and things are running well when actually, staff are potentially frustrated and morale is low. No news doesn’t mean good news!

How can we encourage and create a work culture of sharing information among all levels in the organisation?

  • Create a number of communication hubs that are easily accessible for teams to share information eg cross functional teams, online networking programs, “water cooler” gatherings.

  • Ensure Leaders are part of the conversation and are made accountable for creating and acting on suggestions made.

  • Adopt and formalise values of inclusion and open communication

  • Survey your staff periodically to gain insights.

  • Leaders….Don’t pretend to know all the answers. Being imperfect enhances your authenticity.

Its all about open two way communication really!

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