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(+61) 402 648 347

Lexie Wilkins Consulting

Builder of thriving workplaces.

Passionate about the benefits

that engaged leaders and teams bring to business ....

Change maker.


Thrive and grow at work.......

  • One on One and Group Mentoring and Career Building

  • Business Coaching
  • Team Building

  • Workplace Culture Programs and Workshops

  • Change Management Programs

  • Leadership Development Programs

Lexie has worked with.....

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 Employee Experience Programs

Leadership and Change Management Programs

Mentoring and coaching

Mentoring and coaching of individuals and teams to be the best they can be


Lexie provides advice and hands-on assistance to individuals and organisations who want to build more engaged workplaces and grow professionally. Whether complementing existing programs with workshops and presentations, or designing tailor made team and leadership programs, her work is based on experience across a number of industries.


"Lexie chaired the HR Summit in Melbourne and Perth this year and was a warm, friendly, approachable facilitator. She ensured the event ran to time and asked each speaker insightful questions to enhance their presentations. Lexie also provided succinct summaries of each presentation from the day to ensure all attendees understood the key points from the day."

- Jane Maloney, Associate Event Manager, Key Media

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